• Hello, my name is Jessica Gonzalez-Ramirez and I am Yuma High School’s Student Body President.

    I've been in Student Council for four years and joining has been by far the best decision I've made. I enjoy attending high school football games and I enjoy spending time with my best friends and younger sister. I have my goals, and I know that everybody at our campus does as well; therefore, I want make everyone within my council a great leader. Becoming an exemplary leader will facilitate their work to accomplishing their goals; consequently, they'll be able and willing to help others. I want our campus to be a place of success, where everybody has the help they need to overcome any barrier.

    Aristotle once said: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I totally agree with him. I believe that  if we all work together we will all get to where we want to get. I know that it is a lot to ask from most of us teenagers, that’s why I appreciate all the help we get from our administration and staff. I am also thankful for advisors and coaches, who allow us to feed our hearts with what makes all of us have a smile on our face at the end of the day.  Before I graduate, I want to make sure that every Criminal knows that everything is possible.