Graduation Requirements

  • All students must be enrolled in four classes for credit. Twenty-two credits are required for graduation. Thirteen and one-half required credits are as follows:

    English Four Credits


    Two (2) credits. As per R7-2-302.01-02 Mathematics credit requirements for graduation class of 2012 will be three (3) credits. For Class of 2013 and beyond the graduation requirement will be four (4) credits.


    Two (2) credits. As per R7-2-302.02 science credit requirements for graduation class of 2013 and beyond will be three (3) credits. Students may substitute one (1) course in agriculture or technology to count toward the high school graduation science requirement as per R7-2-302(4).

    Social Studies

    Three credits to include:      One credit, World History/Geography      One credit, American History      One-half credit, American Government      One-half credit, Free Enterprise


    Health Education

    One-half credit
    Physical Education One credit

    Practical Arts/Fine Arts  or Graphic Arts

    One credit (Any credit in business, agriculture, industrial arts, home economics, performing dance, sports medicine, or the Fine Arts/ Graphic Arts Department)
    Passing the AIMS Reading, Writing and Math tests is a state mandated graduation requirement for all high school students in Arizona.