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Born in San Luis. Built at San Luis High School

As they have every year, San Luis High School has set a standard   for motivating future and current students to achieve success.

Be it through college workshops or spirit assemblies, San Luis has thrived with a culture of community. Being the school with the highest college attendance after graduation in the Yuma Union High School District, the school strives to prepare students, not only for college, but for the realities that come at the gateway of adulthood, and the hardest path of all: finding yourself as an individual.

SLHS annually presents a short, albeit terse, slogan that sets basic principles to perspective, as both scholars and students share the opportunity to carefully reflect upon it. Over the years, SLHS has evolved as a connected community through slogans such as “Be More Awesome” and “Together We Rise,” and this year they proudly tout a campaign deriving its roots from its predecessor. “Earned Not Given” is now “Built Not Born”.

“Built Not Born” emphasizes the idea that we as humans must boldly undertake exhausting endeavors to powerfully grasp success.For one is not simply born with the attributes that achieve innermost ambitions, they must prevail a pathway of adversity to accomplish who they aspire to be.

“Built Not Born” is more or less an allusion to psychologist and father of behaviorism John B Watson’s quote:

“Men are built not born…. Give me the baby, and I’ll make it climb and use its hands in constructing buildings of stone and wood…. I’ll make it a thief... The possibilities of shaping in any direction are almost endless…."

Watson’s quote mainly expresses that we are not the sole couriers of what we become Truly what it too insinuates is that who we can become has no strict, finite possibilities. Overall, the under the surface message that “Built Not Born” conveys is that diversity at SLHS uniquely thrives.
Though, without debate, the respective community in SLHS is not very diverse ethnically, ultimately where they are going to be and who they are going to be presents that there truly is spiritual diversity on the campus; diversity being the subject of which both unreliable and parasitic sources stress there is a lack of.

One’s own cultural conformity and attitude towards rejection of different cultures,swayed by the media or not, should not justify one’s denial of experiencing SLHS.Within the culture of SLHS, coexists a unique set of ambitions and passions. The students are, in fact, diverse.  There is a famous saying in Spanish that says, “Nadie es profeta en su tierra,” which directly translates to: “No one is a prophet in their own land”.

Within the campus walls; within these thousands of students, stand future innovators and pioneers who all can humbly say they were born in San Luis, but proudly say they were built at San Luis High School.

Jesus Nieblas, SLHS