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Jankowski inducted into the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Athletic Hall of Fame

San Luis High School Assistant Principal Rob Jankowski is generally low-key about any personal athletic accomplishments.

However, less than two decades ago, the school’s Athletic Director was one of the nation’s top collegiate wrestlers. This month, Jankowski was recognized for his stellar career at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, earning a place in the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Rob Jankowski

“This award was as much for me as it was for everyone who has helped me along the way,” Jankowski said. “My parents got me involved at a young age in gymnastics and later with high school sports such as football, baseball and wrestling. My brothers were vital to my success for several reasons: one, we have been wrestling around since we were toddlers; two, I always had a workout partner in practice and after practice to do extra conditioning or lifting; and three, they gave me the motivation to achieve something great. My teammates also provided me with motivation. They motivated me because I always wanted to be the hardest working person on the team, so when I heard that someone was doing something like conditioning in the morning or weight lifting in the nighttime I would join them and do a little extra. Lastly my coaches helped me out tremendously.”

During his time at UWP, Jankowski was twice named an NCAA Division II All-American and won the 2002 NAIA National Championship in the 133 lbs. weight class. Additionally, he was a two-time NCAA Division II All-Academic team member. He finished college with two degrees and a GPA of 3.54.

His brother, Mike Jankowski, is the varsity head wrestling coach at Cibola High School.

The inaugural UWP Hall of Fame class was inducted in 1980 and classes have been added every 2-5 years since 1995.

Eric Patten