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Yuma High Student Council rally towels promote school spirit at football opener

Yuma High School’s Student Council has challenged itself to get creative heading into the 2022-23 school year, and they wasted little time in incorporating new ideas to promote school spirit. 

As part of the festivities for the school’s season-opening football game on Friday, Aug. 19, Student Council made rally towels to hand out to the first 150 people at the game. 

“For Yuma High’s first football game, we decided to make rally towels to promote school spirit for our very first home game,” Yuma High Student Council President Michaela Fijalkowski said. “We wanted the first 150 people at the game to have something to wave around.”

Student Council members made their own YHS Criminal logo stencils and all worked together after school to spray paint the logo on the towels.

“My Student Council made it their No. 1 goal to raise school spirit this year, so giving something out at the first home football game was something they came up with and wanted to do,” Yuma High Student Council Advisor Betsy Jacobson said.

Professionally made YHS logo rally towels can be purchased at the Cell Block, the Yuma High merchandise store, for those who did not make it to the game or who were not among the first 150 people in attendance.

Student councils across YUHSD share campus happenings at monthly governing board meetings throughout the school year. Yuma High’s Student Council will present to the board in October.  

Yuma High football entered its first year in Arizona Interscholastic Athletics’ 3A Conference, which meant starting the season three weeks sooner than other Yuma Union High School District schools. They lost last week’s opener in the final minute to Dysart High School, 21-18. They host Mohave High School on Friday, Aug. 26.  

Lesley Avila