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YUHSD school leaders collaborate for Emergency Operations Planning session

Administrators from all Yuma Union High School District campuses as well as representatives from Yuma Police Department and San Luis Police Department spent the morning of Wednesday, June 5, 2019 focusing on student safety for the coming school year.

The group worked through a tabletop exercise and aligned their Emergency Operation Plans (EOP) with the new template released by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).

“The new template is very user-friendly,” YUHSD Associate Superintendent Tim Brienza said. “Updating our plans to align with the new template are just some steps in the process of our schools continuing to monitor and prioritize student safety.”

Brienza co-hosted the work session with Kofa High School Assistant Principal Tim Keller, who has overseen Kofa’s response plan for the past five years.

First responders joined the campus leaders in the first half of the morning to work through a potential emergency scenario. As part of the exercise the given scenario was updated multiple times to require a variety of nuanced responses from each campus. The group talked about the parent-student reunification process and debriefed, with first responders providing their expertise to help fine-tune plans and make sure that schools and emergency personnel are on the same page.

“The collaborative partnerships between our campuses, the community, and first responders are invaluable. And I think it goes to show that even during the summer, all of our work to make sure our students are safer and better prepared continues,” Brienza added.

Eric Patten