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Cibola juniors learn skills for securing future jobs

Cibola High School juniors learned some tips for a head start in their future. 

As part of the junior year English curriculum, the CHS English teachers invited Nicolle Wilkinson, Consultant Assistant Division Head for Los Angeles Public Works, to talk to students on Thursday, Aug 29, 2019 in the Cibola auditorium. 

Upwards of 140 students participated in the event.

“We brought Nicolle in to speak to our students as a real-life example of what employers are searching for right now in the workplace,” CHS English teacher Jessica Curry said. “Nicolle is a tremendous resource for students on the importance of resumes and interview skills.”

Wilkinson has an extensive background in hiring and recruiting and sees hundreds of resumes each week. She provided information about interview tips, resume skills and career readiness skills specific to students of Yuma.

Wilkinson is also the Principal Project Director for Arcadis Corps., which is an architectural consultation firm in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Yuma and still commutes back to the Yuma area.

Ms. Wilkinson   Presentation

 Student watching presentation   

Kevin Swearingin