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Nursing students assist in Cibola vision screenings

Approximately 400 Cibola High School students were provided vision screenings, sponsored by the United Way, on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019. Throughout the day the United Way received an assist from the school’s Nursing I classes.

Cibola’s nursing students, who are part of the Career & Technical Education program, participated as screeners during the event, working with the EyeSpy 20/20 device alongside the professionals. 

“I thought that this would be a great opportunity for them to experience real-life situations and practice some of the things we have been learning about in class,” said Cibola Nursing teacher Ezra Mendoza. “Opportunities like the United Way vision screenings give the Nursing I students a way to gain real-life experience that they might not be able to get otherwise.”

Karina Jones, Chief Executive Officer of United Way of Yuma County, was excited to work with the students.  

“This was a huge success and the CNA students were wonderful to work with,” Jones said in an email. “They were so mature, caught on very quickly and truly performed the majority of the screenings. In one day alone, they were able to screen almost 400 students. It was fun getting to know the students and being able to talk to them about volunteering and tying the health aspect at the same time was a huge win. Kudos to [Cibola’s] nurse (Christianna Clark) and CNA teacher!”

Nursing I and Nursing II students will be participating in the remaining screenings that will take place on Monday, September 30.

Nursing I students & School Nurse

Kevin Swearingin