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The Winners for the Cibola Science Fair are...

The Cibola Science Department is proud to announce the winners of the Cibola Science Fair projects:

100's 1ST KA4 Are Chip Companies Telling the Truth Christopher Mendez & Christian Mendez
  2ND KA 21 From Bacteria to Your Back Hailey Edwards
  3RD KA9 Causing a False Positive Kaitlyn Hummer
200's 1ST KA 18 Degrading Imidacloprid Yesenia Siemmens & Julia Whitson
  2ND Suck it Up Jacqueline Gonzalez
  3RD Stomata Francisco Solorio Sanchez
  Back up SARSEF Did you feel the Earthquake Yasmin Miles
300's 1ST KA3 Ikkos Nueroplasticity Hannah Fountian Emma Amon
  2ND KA19 Grandmas Homemade Snail Repellant Zarrin Eskari
  3RD PG 50 Thatching Ants Michell Gastelum
  Back up SARSEF KA Effect of Chocolate on Reaction Time Samuell Jarvis
400's 1ST Farmer versus Fledging Iris Fountain
  2ND Effects of Colored Lights on Photosynthesis Esperanza Guizar
  3RD Plants Photosynthesis Karyme Cortez
500's 1ST The Smart Toilet Hailey Chulamorkodt
  2ND The Potential of Thermoelectric Devices Amar Hassan
  3RD Homemade Telescope Alexus Wuldemburg
  Back up SARSEF BayMax Miguel V & Christian Ron
600's 1ST Yeast Buster Sedona Bermudez & Julio Cortez
  2ND You Are What You Eat Kylie Gwenn & Montserat Renteria
  3RD Does Music Affect Runners Thomas Gettings
  Back up SARSEF Which Type of Video Games Affect Your Heart the Greatest Alejandro Mendoza
700's 1ST Transferring Energy Alynna Dominguez & Juan Medina
  2ND Parellel vs Series Circuit Mauricio Rodriguez
800's 1ST Bill Nye or Guy? Kenia Zepeda
  2ND Teachers Preference between Gender Alexa Cervantes & Diana De Paz
  3RD Up N At Em Kailey Garcia & Hannah Lee
  Back up SARSEF Swipe Right Tyson Strately