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YUHSD law and public safety students undergo CSI training

CSI training students Law and Public Safety students from Yuma Union High School District campuses took part in a Crime Scene Investigation training on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 at Yuma High School.

Thirty-six students from Yuma High, Cibola, Kofa and San Luis went through extensive practice for everything from proper evidence tagging to measurements to a written exam. At the end of the day, the students who passed the test earned a CSI certification.

“It’s a training that helps us all get on the same page of how to conduct crime scene investigations,” Yuma High Law and Public Safety teacher Manuel Zuniga said. “They took some instructions, did some hands-on work, and will take their test. They’ll measure out the crime scenes, they’ll take reports, they’ll do some teamwork like who will be interviewing, who will be taking pictures, who will be sketching the scene, and things like that."

The event was overseen by Herbert Williams, a former police officer and current President of the Las Vegas School of Criminal Justice. Williams was last year’s state competition chairperson for Crime Scene Investigation.

“He’s really gone into detail for us,” Kofa senior Dinna Figueroa said about the instructor. “He showed us a rubric for the state competition, and talked about what to expect so that’s been really good.”

YUHSD students take part in regional, state and national competitions for various law and public safety events, including crime scene investigation, through the district’s Career & Technical Education program. Students have an opportunity to earn multiple professional certificates through the two-year program including CPR/AED, first aid, and APS security guard certifications.

Eric Patten